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Liquid Web markets itself as a premium option that provides high quality service all round. It has the backing of many larger companies such as Porsche, Fila and the National Geographic, with backing from so many big companies this certainly makes this hosting provider worth considering as an option. In this review we will have a look at how much quality Liquid Web really offers, is it worth the price they charge? We will also be looking at their speed, uptime, support and of course the variety of other features they offer. In comparison to other WordPress hosts does the price tag really look that reasonable.

Table of Contents

  • 2020 Analysis
  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Support
  • Other Features
  • Price
  • Conclusion

2020 Analysis in Retrospect

Previously they have been ranked on our YouTube channel as the best premium host, getting a score of 8.5/10 overall closely following our best budget host Bluehost who scored 9/10. This is because they had the best scores in speed and support. In our speed test they received 0.8 seconds, and this made them the fastest host we had tested up until that point. The support was almost above the ranking system as it outclassed all the other ones by far with customer satisfaction guaranteed. 


You want to get good value for the money you spend and therefore expect your host to provide you with a very quick site speed, and as one of our premium hosts we can confirm that in this regard Liquid Web has succeeded, as it has a speed of 0.3 seconds loading speed. In comparison to other hosts it is there right at the top, and according to our data only A2Hosting comes close with similar website speed.


Having your website up and running is very critical for any online business. As for every time your site is down you could be losing potential customers. Here Liquid Web proves itself as one of the best with an uptime score of 100%. Of course it doesn’t keep up 100% all year round but going down to 99.99% 1-2 months in the year is a lot better than 0%! When compared to other hosts this is quite impressive, although some of its competition is not far behind, hosts very rarely score an almost perfect score like Liquid Web.


This might be Liquid Web’s best feature, it certainly stands out as a company that offers great support. With 24/7 live chat and call at an almost instantaneous response rate. The staff is very friendly and always offer help and suggestions taking time to help with all your queries. Although helping your customers should be an obvious must, many hosts simply ignore your requests or they respond after a long time, in some instances they may even tell you to fix it yourself. None of that happens at Liquid Web

Other Features

It offers fully managed services, automatic plugin updates, iThemes Sync Pro, all of this helps with micro management. It has very high security, VPNs and firewall packages. 


There has been a promotion for new customers on Liquid Web for the first purchase. Which means any new joining people can get to experience the site at a very discounted price and if it is not for them leave without having paid the full price. The $19 spark plan is now $9.50 (for the first 6 months) which currently makes it cost the same as a mid tier host.

Conclusion: Good Host but for certain people

Overall this host is a good choice for more established websites . It is extremely adequate to handle more experienced hosting requirements, as it offers the best speed, uptime, and support, as well as other features that make it a high quality host.  Businesses that already have high traffic will especially benefit from this host. Therefore it is a great option to consider, it is available by using our affiliate link.


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