Factors to consider while choosing your Web Host

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Are you starting a new business?

Need to start a new website? Need something affordable? Looking for the best web hosting company for your new website?

If you have no idea on how to choose one, you’ve come to the right place.

Choosing a Web host for your website is a big decision, as it is an important foundation to ensure the success of your website. The right web host can greatly improve and boost your website performance. Choosing the wrong one will bring unnecessary troubles and expenses associated with it.

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To choose the best web host provider for your website, you will have to consider a few important factors to help you pick the right one.


1. Cost of a Hosting plan


This is one of the most important factors to be considered before choosing your hosting provider. Although it is important, it should not be a deciding factor as there are many options of free web hosting services. 


But, we strongly recommend not choosing free hosts because there are many disadvantages with free hosting services.


Learn more about disadvantages of free web hosting services

Shared hosting is the most recommended plan for complete beginners. However, choose the right hosting company that will allow you to upgrade your plan based on your needs. Check out our blog on BlueHost’s shared hosting plan.


2. Technical support


Technical support plays a vital role when you are choosing a web hosting service. As assuming you are beginner you will need the support quite frequently.


Things you might look for are how is the support provided? Email, phone or live chat for every hosting plan? Do they provide 24/7 support? 


Another important factor is which time zone support is provided, as in the event your site is having an issue in the middle of the night you wouldn’t want to find out there is no support until next morning.


3. Email Features


Without any hesitation, every business needs its dedicated email addresses for all of its business activities. It is important to check the availability of email addresses and their automated responding ability. Most hosts like Hostinger for example include this in their plans.


4. Security


Security should be your utmost priority before choosing your hosting provider. Look out for if they are providing SSL certificate in your  plan. It is the most important factors when picking a hosting plan as you need your website to be safe from hackers, furthermore to protect your users identities and ensure their data is safe.


5. Server reliability and Up-time score


This is one of the most vital parts of picking your host.  

Staying online is very important for your website and in order to do that, you need to look at how stable your web host provider is.

Today’s standard industry Up-time score is 99.5%. Anything below that should be avoided.


Tip: premium accounts offer more server stability and better up-time of 99.9% or even better. 


6. Client Reviews

Web hosting reviews are the best information resources to help understand the company better. Most of the hosting providers claim the opinion of their customers/clients on their websites, you must read their reviews to make the final judgement.

To get unbiased reviews on different web hosting providers.

Our Best Recommendations:

We only recommend the hosting providers which we trust and we personally experience by using.

Best Budget Host

  • Price -$3.95/mo
  • Speed – 1.2 Sec
  • Support – 8/10
  • Storage  – Unmetered (No limit)
  • Free SSL security

Best Mid Priced Host

  • Price -$6.99/mo
  • Speed – 1.2 Sec with 100% uptime
  • Support – 9/10
  • Storage  – 10GB
  • Free wordpress migration and free SSL seccurity

Best premium Host

  • Price -$19/mo
  • Speed – 0.8 Sec with 100% uptime
  • Support – 10/10
  • Storage  – 40GB
  • Free website migration and free SSL security

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