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An ever-increasing proportion of global commerce is being conducted on the internet. Convenience and breadth of choice were the initial driving factors. However, more recently, the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated social distancing requirements has driven millions of users to e-commerce. If you’re wanting to compete at all for a slice of this enormous pie, you need a presence on the web. And, that requires a domain in the first instance. So, how do you go about setting up your domain?

Domain basics


Setting up a domain, or website as it is more commonly known, involves a number of steps. The most basic steps are;

Building your website


Decide whether you want to build your website manually by writing all the code or having it written for you. Or whether you will use a website building application and content management system like WordPress. The majority of personal users would be foolish to reinvent the wheel. Site building applications like WordPress make it really easy to build a professional looking site in a matter of a few hours.

Although there are other website builders out there, WordPress accounts for more than 40% of all websites that exist today. Whether you choose WordPress or any of its competitors is entirely a personal choice. You would take into account ease of use, the range of themes and options and whether there is a free option available.



Next, it is advisable to have your website hosted. Although hosting is not mandatory, it does provide certain assurances, features and management services. There are many hosting services, each with their own set of advantages, special features and occasional special subscription offers.

Choosing a host is very difficult. The vast range of features and offers make it very difficult to choose. Here, it is advisable to consult expert reviews of the major hosting providers. More on that later.

Choosing a Name


Choose a name for your website. Finding a name is as easy as visiting a hosting service’s website and searching for your preferred names. If a name is available, this will be confirmed together with the price of that name. Sometimes a name is already registered but not active and can be purchased. This is somewhat more expensive than selecting an available name. Only follow this route if the name is very important to you.

More about selecting a hosting provider. If you conduct a search, the chances are that the same six or seven names will crop up repeatedly. For the layman, there are too many parameters to facilitate a choice. This is where the reviewers or affiliates come into their own.




All the hosting providers are critically reviewed on all the important metrics. For instance, percentage uptime, monthly subscription, management services such as backups that are offered and so forth. The individual scores for all of these metrics is aggregated and an overall score is assigned to each service. At HostHelp we have narrowed our choice down to only three providers. Having reviewed more than 30 providers we have selected one provider in each of the low, medium and high price categories.

Picking the right host for your WordPress website is critical. Don’t risk losing business and search rankings. Learn who we recommend for the best experience! You do not need to navigate this minefield of choices. We have already done it all for you.

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