Top 7 disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

free web hosting
Web Hosting Servicescompletely free?? 
“Free Web Hosting” is just a trick to attract more people to start websites, it gives them more profit in many different ways. For example,they can use your websites to display advertisements.

Top 7 reasons why free web hosting is not good for your website

1. Shared branding 

You will be sharing their brand name on your website, it is mainly a way to promote their brand using your website. For instance, you might have their logo somewhere on your website, having their brand name in your URL, something like 

2. Limited pages

Using a free web host, there will be a strict limit on web pages you can have. Some free plans will give few pages while some will only give you one page. In the long run, you will need more web pages to grow your business however, it may be a good option if you can look past this restriction.

3. Ads

Ads is one of the most popular ways free web hosting companies to make money. You may have irrelevant Ads on your website. You won’t be making any money from these Ads, any profits gained by visitors viewing or clicking these Ads will go to the hosting provider.
It could potentially be a big disadvantage, if you are thinking to build a personal brand. These Ads may create distraction and may drive attention from your website.

4. It’s impossible to achieve Google top ranking

Search engines consider free websites as not important and gives them less priority compared to paid hosted websites. You will not be able to optimise your website as you won’t be able to have access to the back-end. Free domains can be penalised or blocked as the site may be classed as spam.

5. Lack of customer support

Apparently, as you are not on a paid hosting plan, you may not experience the same level of support for your queries as a paid customer. Although, some free web hosting companies mention 24/7 customer support, this may not be available to every plan.
With lack of support, you may not be able to run your operations as smoothly as expected.

6. Poor design and many limitations

If you’re considering free web hosting services, you will only have access to not so aesthetically pleasing designs to create your website. You will also have limited to no access to customise your website.
Not only will you experience limitations on designing your website, you might have limitations with storage space also. As most of the free web hosting companies offer limited disk space, you will not be able to add many photos or videos. You can’t expand as many pages as you want.
Free websites will have strict bandwidth restrictions. Your site might be closed anytime if your bandwidth goes beyond restrictions. Apart from all the above limitations, Free websites will not have access to some plug-ins, services and tools.

7. Hard to change the Web Host

It would be really hard and i could say it’s next to impossible if you decide to change your website to a different hosting provider. 
Since, you don’t own the domain, you are considered as not the owner of your own website and don’t have any control over that.
You should either, choose a paid plan from the same free hosting provider or you could lose all your hard work which you put into  your website.
Now it’s your choice is it really worth it?

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