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BlueHost Shared Hosting Explained 1

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Bluehost offers a variety of plans, sometimes depending on what you need, the different options may make it difficult to choose. Many people may just simply go for the cheapest option, but it is important to understand what each one offers before making the purchase. This blog will focus on the shared hosting plan they offer, and the various smaller plans it offers. You can check out our bluehost offers here.

The shared hosting plan is the one people will most likely pick. It is very useful for people who intend to focus on making blog content, but selling goods and services is also an option, however if that is your main focus then maybe check out the online store plan instead. All the plans below offer a free domain name for your first year, as well as CDN, and SSL security.


This is the only option were your storage is limited, as you can only setup one website. You can make custom themes, and there is little limitation there. You do get support 24/7 but clients who have more premium plans tend to have higher priority in getting support. This plan is mostly beneficial for those starting out, and those who are mainly focused on writing blogs as opposed to selling products.


This essentially is an upgrade to the basic package as it improves all the previous features and makes your website much more reliable. You get unlimited storage and websites. In addition you get 30 days free on Office 365. This is the more professional option, and a must for bigger business and companies. 

Choice Plus

It is essentially the same plan as plus but with two extra features. Free domain privacy and free automated backup for one year. Honestly the plus plan offers all you really need, but if you are a growing business this option is perfect for you just for the added privacy and security featuresTherefore if you have a medium size business those minor tweaks from the Plus plan can make all the difference to a growing business.


This one offers the most options, but at the highest price of course. What does it add on top of the other plans? It offers optimised CPU resources, this essentially ensures that if the website’s traffic is high the speed and performance do not drop. This makes a difference on high traffic websites otherwise it doesn’t have any effect. The free automated backup is also free for a slightly longer period of time than in the previous plan. The free IP address does provide advantages like a more direct way to access your website. In conclusion these are nice additions but are not essential for your websites success.


The 12, 24, and 36 month plans are all at different price points, with the set rule being that the longer the contract the lower the price.


  • Basic plan is great for beginners, or those who focus more on blog content than selling products.
  • Plus plan is only suitable to those who are now beyond the basic bare-bones and want a more professional and maximised platform experience
  • Choice Plus is only a marginal improvement over plus but is highly recommended by Bluehost.
  • Pro has all the features maximised, and is very suitable and recommended for larger businesses, as it will offer the best performance

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